Online Gambling In The U.S.

Congratulations on finding! The mission of this site is to be your home for all the best information on the best U.S. online gambling sites – the games, the technology and the experience each online gambling site has to offer. We’ll keep you updated on all the issues of quality, accessibility and legality of online gaming in the United States of America.

Today we’ll focus on that issue of legality, for this is the most fluid and far-reaching issue affecting online U.S. gambling. States, and in some cases the federal government, are often revisiting their laws and priorities, and seeking new tax revenues to bolster lackluster budgets. Legal online gambling in the U.S. is one arena being carefully studied. We’ll cover the basics and discuss the future of online gambling in the U.S.

Is online gambling legal in the U.S.?

If there is a short answer to this question, it is “yes”. While there have been many efforts to legislatively outlaw gambling in one form or another, on the federal level and in some states, the vast majority of U.S. citizens may gamble online safely, securely and legally.

Two distinct factors affect this scenario. First, there are very few states that contain any reference at all to gambling online, so in the majority of cases, no state statutes affect online gambling in the U.S. Next, federal law has jurisdiction only over sites that operate out of bases in the United States or its territories. Most of the best, high-quality casino sites online are based in nations that license and regulate the sites meticulously. But those sites, not being based in the U.S., are not subject to federal laws, oversight or jurisdiction, which makes them a legal gambling online outlet for U.S. visitors.

Pros Of Online Gaming In The U.S.

Why is online gambling preferred to in-person gambling? This is what many gamblers in the U.S. want to know, and it’s the reason we’re here. To begin, here's our top-5 reasons:

1. Bonuses – we just covered this, but we’ll mention it again because it is unique to online gaming. Name a casino anywhere that will shower you with money when you walk in the door. Not likely to happen, huh?, Lucky Red, Bovada, they’ll do that, and you never have to take off your pajamas.

2. Saving Money – Depending on where you live, just getting to the casino, or the track, can be time-consuming and expensive. Factor in the cost of an expensive resort hotel room, meals, gas, tips (these will kill you, trust us), and all the unintended expenses that go with an out-of-town trip, and you’ll appreciate the value inherent in enjoying legal gambling online in the U.S.

3. Security – Have you ever dropped your wallet or money clip while on vacation? Finding it can be a big relief, until you realize your credit cards and cash are gone. When you enjoy legal online gambling in the U.S., you, your cash and your identity stay right at home.

4. Choice - Ever felt like you want to play poker? Do it right now. Think you might want to put $50.00 on the Heat during the playoffs? Do that, too. Play a five-reel slot? Do that as well, and do it all at one site, in a matter of minutes.

5. Convenience - Can’t sleep? Maybe now would be a good time to enjoy some legal online gambling. All the best sites are open 24/7, and always waiting for U.S. players to join in the fun. Check it out- the virtual doors are always open.

Gambling sites accepting U.S. players

Online gaming is the second-most active and profitable web-based activity worldwide. This simply means there is a lot of money and a lot of people invested in this fast-growing industry. No web-based enterprise will survive, let alone thrive, without the benefit of the lucrative U.S. market, filled with the world’s most dedicated consumers.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that legal online gambling sites are designed with the U.S. player as the focus. Software is created to assist web designers in their attempt to make the casino experience a “real-life” endeavor for U.S. players seeking legal online gambling fun.

Online casinos for U.S. players

We always strive to stay attuned to the best the world has to offer in terms of legal online games for the U.S. player. Here are a few of our casino favorites, along with a few good reasons why they are so appealing:

Club World Casino

From either a home-based Mac or PC system, you can enjoy the Club World Casino experience without even downloading the play-for-pay software – but we are convinced that, once you’ve played a few games and gotten comfortable with the attractive and aesthetically-pleasing online casino environment, you’ll be downloading the package in short order. This welcoming site, based in the United Kingdom and servicing the needs and desires of online gamblers in the U.S. since 2004, gives gamers a full line of thrilling casino options.

Accepting players from all fifty U.S. states, Club World Casino offers craps, roulette, blackjack, poker and slots – everything a U.S. gambling enthusiast could ask for when looking for a secure, safe and fun online gambling site.

Lucky Red Casino

Progressive slots are highly popular with casino experts, simply because the payouts can be astronomical. And the slots are king at Lucky Red Casino, which offers more than 70 different game choices that stimulate and excite through motion, sight and sound. Combine that with the many other casino-style offerings, and it becomes clear very quickly that Lucky Red Casino is an easy place to lose track of time.

Daily and weekly promotions add to U.S. players’ accounts, as do first deposit bonuses which add to the winning potential of a player’s first wager. The RTG software insures that U.S. players are enjoying a graphically-astounding casino experience at Lucky Red while also being assured of maximum security on this safe and legal online gambling site. Casino

Log on and you’re there. The feel, the look and the attitude makes your “in the room” experience begin almost immediately. A large reminder of a $1,000.00 Welcome bonus provides the first of many stimulating moments. Within moments, offers users the chance to download a free version of the site so you can hone your skills on a casino library that is as extensive as any U.S. users can legally find online.

Bonuses and weekly promotions are a staple of the experience, as is the industry-leading RTG software which not only provides great graphics, colors and action, but also state of the art security for U.S. gamblers seeking safe and legal online gambling action.

USA Online Casinos Deposit Bonus Accepts U.S. Join Now
400% Up To $4,000 Yes Visit
100% Up To $777 Yes Visit
Up To $5,000 Yes Visit
200% Up To $2,000 Yes Visit
100% Up To $747 Yes Visit
100% Up To $3,000 Yes Visit
100% up to $1,000 Yes Visit
25% Casino Re-up Bonus Yes Visit
Online poker sites for U.S. players

Poker is everyone’s favorite game, played from the man-cave to the casino. Thanks to productions like the World Series of Poker, games like Texas Hold ‘em have become spectator sports. Today we’ll take a look at the legality, and the appeal, of the world’s most popular online poker site, designed specifically for U.S. gamblers.

BetOnline Poker

Check in at the BetOnline Poker Room and you’re immediately invited to play – for free. You can enjoy the Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and more without even risking a dime. Ah, but that only provides a bit of fun for a short time. The real excitement, after all, is in the knowledge that a little bit risked turns into a lot of return when the cards fall your way. And at BetOnline, one of the most oft-visited and highly regulated sites, the games are not only fun but fair.

Ante up at BetOnline, and your first $1,000.00 deposit is matched with a bonus of 100% - not hard to figure that your chances of winning some respectable cash just doubled. Virtually every minute of every day, this virtual casino is offering seats at tournament tables where players go head to head in every conceivable poker game, and the stakes offer great opportunities for both novices and experts. BetOnline's poker room is the place to visit for the most comprehensive information on how and when to play your favorite games. Just remember, this Canada-based site is open to almost every U.S. citizen seeking a legal online gambling experience, but residents of Washington, Maryland and New York will have to look elsewhere for a good poker game, due to trade restrictions.

USA Poker Sites Deposit Bonus Accepts U.S. Join Now
100% First Deposit Bonus Yes Visit
100% First Deposit Bonus Yes Visit
Online sportsbooks for U.S. players

While online gambling is legal for U.S. players almost across the board, sports betting can seem a little tenuous, due to federal laws passed between 1961 and 2011. Almost all of them have been ruled constitutional but applicable primarily or exclusively to wagering on professional or amateur sports, and all were designed to reduce or eliminate the presence of organized crime in the sporting world. But gambling is itself a sport, so betting on sports remains popular in the U.S. and elsewhere. Legal sports betting is available, and looking for the best sportsbooks, one name again appears.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline knows that “fan” is a short version of "fanatic", and sports fans are indeed fanatical in support of their team, their driver, their golfer, etc. A dedicated sports fan knows the odds, the spreads, the over and under – so does BetOnline, and here you can bet on all of that and more. BetOnline provides all the information, feature articles and inside scoop necessary for U.S. players to legally, and intelligently, bet on their favorite sports with confidence.

Sports bets are different from casino games in the number of variables. The odds can change in a moment, based on an injury, a trade or even the weather. It’s not so important to be an expert, as long as you know one. And, BetOnline Sportsbook represents the essence of expert sports betting, and U.S. citizens in every state but Washington, Maryland and New York can take advantage of that expertise to wager legally and safely at BetOnline Sportsbook. Those in the states mentioned have trade agreements with Panama, where BetOnline is located, that prevent them from joining in the fun.

US Online Sportsbooks Deposit Bonus Accepts U.S. Join Now
25% up to $1,000 On All Deposits Yes Visit
50% Up To $250 Yes Visit
50% Match On First Deposit Yes Visit
50% Up to $250 Yes Visit
More About Using USA Online Gambling Sites + Features

After determining which type of legal online gambling a U.S. player wants to enjoy, the next logical step is finding the site that best meets the player’s needs. Several factors are important to consider. Check out the software, and make sure it’s safe and secure. Verify that the site is accepting players from the U.S. and is licensed in the country in which it is based. And look at the available methods for setting up your account. A good site will give you safe and legal options, based on the laws of the countries where they operate and where they are located.

Setting Up Your Account + Depositing

Almost all quality sites offering legal online gambling to U.S. citizens will have simple account setup procedures. These require players to provide some basic personal information along with verifiable bank account and/or credit card information. Once your account is set up, it’s time to deposit funds, since no reputable site will offer credit, under any circumstances.

The vast majority of legal online gaming venues will accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express as a means to deposit funds. Some restrictions, based on the site, the particular game (sportsbooks are generally more restrictive than casino sites, for example), or your individual bank may put up various roadblocks to the use of credit or debit cards. If that happens, fall back methods include Western Union Rapid Transfer, Moneygram or bank wire transfer. Cash is not an acceptable deposit method.

Bonuses + Other Promos - Get Free Money When You Deposit

If you really want to know what sets the online casino experience apart from the brick and mortar land-based sites, one word comes to mind: bonus. While a “comp” in a Vegas casino might include a free drink or a room discount, bonuses at a good online casino can add up to some serious bucks. Deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, loyalty bonuses and weekly promotions are designed, based on tried and true marketing success stories, to keep players in the U.S. coming back to legal online gambling sites.

Here’s an example – a slots player at the Bovada Casino gets a 100% matching bonus on the first four deposits made, up to a maximum of $500.00 each. This means that a player who deposits $2,000.00 in four equal increments gets $2,000.00 added to his or her account – for free. Collecting the bonus requires two things – entering the bonus code provided by the site, and wagering the amount of the deposit, plus bonus, a minimum of thirty times. Imagine for a moment how much might be in the account if a player has a good run of beginner’s luck.

Cashing Out - The Final Step To Making Your Win "Official"

Congratulations if you’ve been the big winner, and you wish to withdraw your winnings and buy something special for yourself or someone else. Winners, or anyone in the U.S. who’s been gambling online at a legal site can get their funds through a variety of methods. While most players in other countries can have their credit or debit card accounts used for direct deposit, this method is not allowed for U.S. players.

Players in the U.S. can collect payouts from legal online gambling sites via Western Union, Moneygram or bank wire transfer in the biggest majority of cases. Some sites also include a means by which players can collect funds via cashier’s check, but these can be time-consuming, taking as much as two to four weeks to collect. Always check the terms and conditions of the site to determine the allowable payout methods and any restrictions that may apply to you.

Closing Words From The Staff @

It’s clear that there is much to know, and much constantly changing, in the world of legal online gambling for U.S. players. We’ll continue to stay on top of all the changes, and bring you all the information you need to make your online gambling experience something you’ll always remember.

Watch for all the best info on the newest legal online gambling sites – and good luck!